Quality policy

SIEAM’s QSE policy

Our Quality – Safety – Environment Policy:

SIEAM began its QSE policy 10 years ago. This led to an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification procedure covering the drinking water production and distribution installations, the Marensin wastewater treatment plant, the upflow units, the administrative department and the research department. SIEAM is committed to continuously improving the environment for current and future generations.
The two ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications were awarded to SIEAM in December 2012 and renewed in 2013.

Our strategy:
The QSE policy should enable SIEAM to guarantee a high-quality public service. It aims to assess and reduce impacts on the environment, prevent pollution risks, manage emergency situations and prevent employee risks and dangers. We are determined to continuously improve the performance of our installations and the service we offer to users, and ensure that our projects are of high quality with a forward-looking vision that guarantees a stable price for purified water that is close to the average for the department and adapted to our various types of users.
SIEAM is therefore committed to the following objectives:

Our “Quality” objectives:
- To meet the needs of our customers,
- To be “customer-focused”,
- To comply with information and billing deadlines,
- To monitor and comply with the administrative regulations in force (Public Procurement Regulations, General Regulations for Regional Authorities, etc.),
- To purchase supplies, works, etc., with the best possible balance between technical and financial imperatives,
- To facilitate exchanges with users and partners,
- To adapt the water authority rules.

Our “Safety” objectives:
- To keep installations and sensitive structures permanently secure,
- To provide job protocols and give the training required to improve employee safety,
- To ensure that outside firms and service providers obey the safety rules and reinforce our checks.

Our “Environmental” objectives:
- To monitor and comply with the environmental regulations and the other requirements to which SIEAM has subscribed,
-To continuously improve, secure and renew our drinking water production, treatment, storage and distribution facilities by carrying out operational modelling exercises on installations summer and winter,
- To measure any inadequacies in the wastewater network,
- To adapt the sanitation guidelines to the new urban development documents,
- To continuously improve, secure and renew our wastewater collection, transport and treatment facilities by using tools such as evaluation,
- To prepare SIEAM for new challenges, including the re-use of water treated by the wastewater treatment plant for irrigation,
- To limit drinking water abstraction in order to protect the resource by taking action against leaks and theft,
- To limit the energy costs required to run the wastewater transport and treatment installations by taking action to reduce infiltration water,
- To improve the visual aspect of our installations (green spaces, painting, etc.)

The policy guarantors:
Romain BOUCHET, QSE manager and chairman of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 steering committee, will assist the association in developing the policy and report regularly on its application. He will also ensure that the requirements of the standard are met.
Through his role as a prevention assistant, Jacques DARTIGUES will monitor employee safety problems.
SIEAM undertakes to provide the means required to run the environmental management system and will carry out regular checks on the objectives set out in the environmental management programme.

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